Business Health Check

This would involve meeting you (at my expense) to go through a tried and tested method of analysing your business to establish what your requirements are.

Once we have established the areas of your business requiring support we then offer practical solutions to address those concerns.

We can then agree and implement an affordable plan for you to achieve a long-term positive result.

Cost Reduction

Reducing costs and wastage is always high on the list of business priorities however, finding the time to get round to dealing with it can be very challenging during a busy working week.

We can facilitate a one point of contact for help and advice on reducing costs on your utilities and much more.  

Services include: Gas, electricity, telecommunications, insurance, water, finance, business rates, green services, car and van leasing.

Let us take the stress out of this time consuming and very often frustrating procedure and see real benefits to your bottom line at no cost to you!

Have you ever considered outsourcing your more mundane jobs to allow you and your team to concentrate on doing what you know best?
We have a UK based platform of skilled personnel on hand who are able to remotely carry out a wide range of different tasks in a cost effective manner allowing you and your team to concentrate on their main skill-set.
This is a fantastic opportunity to save money and free up time.

Contact me now so I can help!

Grants & Loans

Having been successful in securing investment for personal projects but also experienced (despite our best efforts) the frustration in our other businesses to get crucial, timely funding, we understand the importance of Government Grants and Loans to help you through challenging periods and help your business to keep moving forward.

Thankfully, we have right up to date information (and access to ) any Government grants or soft loans currently available.

R & D Tax Credits

We have associates within our group of business advisors who have been phenomenally successful at claiming back tax credits for research and development.  If you have been using science or technology to improve your product or service you may be entitled to some R and D Tax Credits.

Most accountants are not fully up to speed on the process involved and what can be claimed for and this is why it is vital to use specialist advisors who are technically adept, who understand your R&D, are experienced at dealing with the claims and are trusted by Revenue and Customs.

Typically the Government has been setting aside an annual budget of £8billion for this and only around £500million has been claimed by SMEs.

You could have the Tax Credits back into your bank account within six weeks.  Don’t miss out, contact me now!


Enterprise Resilience

Do you have a Plan B or Plan C for your business should things start to wrong? Have you put much thought into the financial consequences or reputational damage to your business should you not be able to resume normal business quickly enough?

With increasing frequency insurance companies and potential investors are now asking to see your Business Continuity Plan and that it closely aligns with ISO (22301). They want to know that you have properly thought through, anticipated and prepared for an emergency. 

Whether you are a Multi-national conglomorate or an SME, we can you help you prove due diligence and help you prepare for any number of emergencies and help you mitigate against them. 

Contact me to see how I can help you.

Investors in Feedback

Effective feedback is THE business critical tool for customer loyalty, market research, growth and profit in the 21st Century.

Yet most feedback and ‘customer satisfaction’ systems are lame and pointless at best, and all too often are actually misleading and destructive.

It’s essential to use a professional accreditation and advice service in order to get this right.

As an accredited Business Coach in ‘Investors in Feedback’ I am able to deliver this training system to help your business survive and thrive.

This is a service to help you, not to make your life harder!

"I am your greatest undervalued strength
...but I am often overlooked and ignored.
I think you're OK and I want to be your trusted friend, and a source of strength and growth.
I can ensure your business thrives for years and years.
Or I can drain you of energy and resources.
All you need to do is listen to me and change with my needs
... but you won't
... so I can't help you as I want to.

I am your customer

If you don't look after me, someone else will."
~ Guy Arnold~

Contact me to see how I can help you.

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